Beer Abroad: Indonesia


Admittedly, this post is a late entry.

This spring I spent a solid amount of time island hopping in Indonesia with some great friends.  My first exposure to Indonesian Beer was in Bali and I had hoped that as we traveled from island to island, I would discover more.  What I discovered was more of the same (aside from one other).  Bintang is everywhere.  And it’s cheaper than water.  Seriously folks, its Rp 15,000 which is about $1.50, and the people love it.  We actually paid our dive instructor to take us from Gili Trawangan to Lombok with 4 bottles.  We loaded our suitcases onto his outrigger canoe and set our course over the Java Sea where we “drive slow and drink Bintang” which quiclky became the tagline for the rest of the trip.

Lovina Beach Brewery Stark Dark Wheat:  Odd mixture of a stout flavor at the front, sourness of a wheat at the back…Sugary, not sweet but sticky sugary.

Bintang Indonesia Bir Bintang Pilsener:  Hey look, the “King of Beers” has a place in Indonesia!  When in Rome though.  Light and easy drinking.  This stuff basically serves as water.


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