Michigan Brews: Bells Comes to NYC!

BellsChristmas has come early this year!!! Okay, or maybe 2 months late… But my favorite Michigan Brew is now available in NYC without having to smuggle it over state lines from Pennsylvania (not that I know anyone who did that, nor do I condone such behavior!) The past 48 hours, which I took off of work in order to properly celebrate, have been a barrage of tap takeovers and tastings at venues all over the city, including Barcade in Brooklyn.  How much Bell’s can one girl handle?  The answer this week, is a lot.  9 distinctly different varieties, to be specific.  Let the tasting begin!:

Smitten Golden Rye Ale: Finally, a light beer I can get behind! Smells a bit hoppy but doesn’t taste it at all! Light drinking I enjoy.  Citrus-y but balanced

Consecrator Doppelbock (2014): Warm, toasty, bittersweet, caramely and complex

Amber Ale: Light and fruity for an amber, nice brown sugar notes with a light spice.

Third Coast Old Ale: Sweet, smooth, butterscotch and toffee

Special Double Cream Stout: Roasty!  Light flavors: a hint of coffee and chocolate. Somewhat tart, an English style?

Expedition Stout: Heavy, smooth, oak-y, roasty and toasty with quite a bit of chocolate.

Java Stout: Bitter in an amazing contrast to the expedition.  Heavy and almost bitter in the coffee notes. Tasty none the less.

Cherry Stout:  Tart and smooth, lots of cherry here, weirdly sweet at the end.

Black Note Stout: Bourbon, chocolate and coffee – not overwhelmingly bourbon-y like many barrel aged beers can be.  Everything is in perfect balance here.


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