Beer Dates: Upright Brew House

Dating in New York City – how romantic, spontaneous, exciting, glamorous.  Or at least that’s what TV would lead you to believe.  The reality is, it’s just as hard as anywhere else.  The saving grace: when a man finds out you like beer and takes you somewhere like Upright Brew House.  While I often try to keep my beer nerdiness at bay in the early stages, perhaps explaining the spectrum from hoppy to malty if asked, I invariably end up having an excited conversation with the bartender which ends with 2 things: 1) a great beer and 2) my date looking at me with either adoration, fear or confusion.  While I will not be discussing the success of any given date on this blog, you know I’m going to tell you all about the beer!

Breckenridge Brewery 72 Imperial Chocolate Cream Stout: A bit thin, woody and milk chocolaty, heavy on the alcohol at the front

Schlafly Oatmeal Stout: A light stout, more effervescent.  All the flavors here are really very light, a summer stout if such a thing existed

And here’s where it happened.  After expressing my lack of excitement over the previous 2 beers and confessing my love for all things heavy and barrel aged, the bartender returned from the office with a beer that had just started being distributed in NYC that week.  The bar had been given 4 bottles and he felt my date and I were worthy of splitting one.

Thirsty Dog Brewing Company Bourbon Barrel Aged Siberian Night: Ohhhhhhh that’s the way a burbon barrel should be. Molasses, oak, fudge, maple, malt.  Rivaling KBS… Yeah… I said that.


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