Beer Abroad: Greece


The Greek are known for a lot of things – crystal blue waters, whitewashed buildings, the acropolis, donkeys as a primary means of transportation, the invention of… well… everything (or so they’d have you believe).  But Greek beer, well that’s another story.   With the exception of Santorini Brewing Co, I’m not aware of any other craft breweries in Greece.  Leave it to an American to fall in love with a Greek, move to Santorini and start a brewery.  Happy she did though because it’s a barren beer world there! On my recent trip, I sampled 3 (and was hard pressed to find much else!)

Mythos Brewery Mythos Hmmmm…  When in Rome, well Mykonos…  generally watered down and displeasing. This appears to be Greece’s answer to “The King of Beers.”

Olympic Brewery Fix Dark: Crisp, dark, refreshing.  Wouldn’t call it a chocolate flavor, more of a cocoa powder, nuts, cream. First dark beer in Greece.  Can’t tell if this is truly good or just better than Mythos, but it’s not bad at all.

Santorini Brewing Co Yellow Donkey: Closest thing to a craft brew in Greece! Not my style of beer but so happy to have something well crafted that I appreciate it more.  Citrus, golden, crisp and refreshing.  Augmented by sipping on a catamaran while beach hopping…


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