Beer Abroad: Turkey

TurkeyAs one might expect, breweries are difficult to come by in a Muslim country such as Turkey and thus, beer selection is limited.  In Istanbul, Efes is available at most local eateries, but for something more interesting, you’ve got to dig.  And dig we did.  Our quest took us from Sultanahmet across the Bosporus to trendy Beyoglu where we got tucked in to, from what we could ascertain, the only beer bar in the area – just in time to witness a torrential downpour.  Nothing to do but sip beer, find out that there really aren’t other readily avaialble Turkish beers besides Efes, and meet the locals, a perfect way to spend a rainy night in Istanbul

Anadolu Efes Efes Dark: Dark and Turkish – so that’s a start… Nothing truly stands out about this beer.  It’s dark but doesn’t taste so, not overly hoppy, not overly malty. A bit skunky… but is that intended or poor storage?

Anadolu Efes Bomonti Filtresiz:  Middle of the road. Light.  A basic lager.  Nothing to write home about.

Brouwerij De Brabandere (Bavik) Petrus Dubbel Bruin: Okay, so we’re done with this Turkish beer thing… I gave it a resonable go.  Very sweet a bit heavy, tart, fruity, but malt forward and toasty.


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