Cooking with Beer: What to pair with Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cookies PicTo be fair, this post isn’t actually about cooking with beer, more about food pairings.  Specifically pairing beer with chocolate chip cookies.  This particular “tasting” was a long time in coming as I have a friend who is consistently searching for the best chocolate chip cookie in the same way that I am searching for the best stout.  So, naturally, we joined forces.  Armed with 3 of the 10 Tasting Table’s top chocolate chip cookies in NYC (the ones that could be acquired in Brooklyn) we set off for – where else – Torst.  I’ll spare you the full breakdown on the cookies, but the readers digest is this: Jaques Torres’ chocolate was the most bitter, Almondine had (who would have guessed??) some nice almond notes and a nice crunchy edge, Baked was more dense and a bit under done (much to our joy!)

Westbrook Mexican Cake:Wow, the only way to describe this is exactly the name: Mexican chocolate cake. The balance between flavors here is unreal – no one note sticks out above any others.  Chocolate and vanilla followed by a kick of cinnamon and habaneros.    Love this with the cookie from Baked.

The Bruery Smoking Wood Bourbon Barrel Aged: Super boozy! Getting a bit of a burn in my throat! Smooth, thick, glad it’s only a small pour.  Too much going on here for us to consider pairing this with a cookie

Evil Twin Brewing I Love You With My Stout: Thick, sweet, smooth, stoutly. Did I say sweet yet?  Sweet. Not too complex.  Sweet beer pairs well with a bitter cookie, like this best with Jaques Torres

Local Option Bierwerker Mourning Wood:  Love. Light but deep in flavor. No hoppiness, just happiness!  Wood, chocolate, malt and very forward with the coffee.  Pairs best with Almondine to curb the sweetness from the almond extract.


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