A Beer Road Trip: Washington DC to Richmond VA – Day 1, A Taste of Virginia

Turbo CougsOn the road and sipping again!  This time, making the best of our trek to a friend’s wedding.  Sadly, the itinerary did not allow us the time to veer off to make it to Blue Mountain or Devil’s Backbone, we did have some high points on this trip, and the inability to order tasting flights didn’t stop us!

Our first stop was Southern Railway Taphouse where I got my first taste of many local favorites:

Port City Brewing Porter (more on these guys later!)

Hardywood Park Bourbon DIPA: I know, this goes against everything I stand for, not only is it an IPA, but it’s a Belgian.  It’s all mellowed out by the barrel aging, promise.  That said, this beer is COMPLEX – almost too much going on to process in a single sip.   Smoky.  Sweet. Dense

Center of the Universe RVAle: Another Belgian that I don’t hate, it’s been an eye-opening day!  Roasty, a bit nutty, with citrus and spice.

Later that day, all hands were needed on deck for baking and moral support.  Our dear friend was making *all* her own wedding cakes.  Yes.  Plural.  And there were many, because she is both enchanting and amazing!  We decided on a crowd pleaser and, even though I don’t, most people like IPAs.  How could I pass this up, with a name like that…

Devil’s Backbone Brewing Company Turbo Cougar:  Smooth, toasty, earthy.  Floral and citrus.  I reserve the right not to take further notes since IPAs are not my style.

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