A Beer Road Trip: Washington DC to Richmond VA – Day 2, Mekong

MekongLet’s be realistic, there’s only one place for beer lovers in Richmond.  Mekong.  For those of you who haven’t ventured to this place, you will find a few notes very helpful.  Yes, when seeking out one of the top rated craft beer bars in the country, you are in the right place if 1) you find yourself in a somewhat shady parking lot next to an old-school Arby’s sign 2) you have entered what seems to be a dive Vietnamese restaurant with neon signs in the front window 3) you learn the art of pairing beer with Pho.  Although I can’t really explain why this place works, it does.  My only frustration lies in the fact that despite their fifty taps, you can’t order a flight (you can, however, taste most anything…)  I narrowed it down to 4:

Heavy Seas Beer Holy Sheets: Smooth, dark, rich boozy, brandy barrel aged abbey style beer!

The Bruery Tart of Darkness: Too tart for my taste.  Funky and wild, tart berries and a bit of oak.  Lost on me as sours are not my favorite…

Strangeways Cocoa Woodbooger: Had such high hopes here, but it was far too bitter for me… my tasting notes actually say “not at all pleasing.”  None of what I tasted lined up with any of the tasting notes I read from others, or even the style I was expecting.  Wondering if this was the wrong pour…?

Ardent Honey Ginger:  The HIGHLIGHT of this trip.  Completely outside my usual comfort zone.  Pairs beautifully with the Pho.  Malty with an amazing ginger aroma, smooth and refreshing.  Could drink this all day

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