A Beer Road Trip (well… work trip): Kansas City, MO

Flying SaucerWork trips – let’s see a show of hands – who loves them?  Didn’t think so.  Best case scenario, though, is when you have to go a city with a great beer culture, that doesn’t export all too much to the state where you live and has at least one bar where you can make the best of your time between conference sessions.  One city that fits this bill:  Kansas City!

After an exceptionally rocky flight and arriving in the pouring rain, there wasn’t much venturing out, so after picking up my conference packet, I decided to review it over dinner and a beer at Pierpont’s in Union Station.  When traveling, I like to describe my taste in beer to the bartender and start with whatever local brew he recommends.  This, however, is not a beer bar and after a bartender with limited beer knowledge, but the best intentions, suggested an Oktoberfest, I asked for the menu.

Boulevard Brewing Co. Dark Truth Stout: Served so cold! After 20 minutes of “cuddling,” there is espresso, fig, velvety with a bit of smokiness.  Roasty!

But the true taste of Missouri came the next day when there was a multi-hour break in the conference action. Being the resourceful (and non-driving) New Yorker I am, I researched how to take the bus to Flying Saucer – an experience I won’t soon forget (both the bus ride and the bar for very different reasons!)

Boulevard Brewing Co.  Bully! Porter: A bit fruity, definitely malty.  Roasty, robust, but crisp.  A standard, but lovely, English style porter.

4 Hands Brewing Co. Cast Iron Oatmeal Brown: Definitely taste the hops at the end more than a typical brown ale, and smells a hint smoky… Effervescent but smooth, caramel and chocolate flavors.

Empyrean Brewing Co. Dark Side Vanilla Porter: Light and clean, on nitro. Light notes of vanilla with just a small hint at the end.  Earthy and a bit creamy.


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