A Beer Road Trip: The Hudson River Valley – Day 3, Peekskill Brewery and Captain Lawrence Brewing Company

PeekskillAll good road trips must come to an end, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t taste some great beer on the way home!  After an aggressive day of hiking and tasting yesterday, it was time to meander a bit and slowly make our way back to the city.  Our first stop was at Peekskill Brewery, a great place for lunch and a tasting nestled in next to the train station right on the river in Peekskill, NY.

Peekskill Brewery Vaporizer: Smells lovely – Chocolate and malt, yum!  But it burns and not in a good way.  I’m a fan of high ABV beers, but the only way to describe the aftertaste here is “alcoholic”.

Peekskill Brewery Dead To Me: Quite hoppy, almost sharp, floral. Not noted as a barley wine on the menu but it certainly is.

Peekskill Brewery Moscow On The Hudson: The high point of this flight for certain!  Lots of coffee here, malt and a bit of smoke.  The flavors are  4.0

Peekskill Brewery Maltballs: Very malty, very smooth, classic brown ale bitterness at the end 3.5

Frost MonsterAnd on to the last stop of what has truly been an “epic beer weekend.”  It’s always strange when you pull up to a brewery.  You never know what to expect – is it a brew-up?  A sprawling space?  A warehouse in an industrial park?  Yep.  Industrial park.  With a great little beer garden out front that holds serious promise for when it’s not frigid outside.  Luckily, frigid outside gives way to a warming beer – Frost Monster does the trick to combat the chilly walk from the parking lot!  It also does a lot to reinforce my role as navigator, not driver…

Captain Lawrence Brewing Company Frost Monster: Thick, well balanced, doesn’t taste nearly as boozie as it is making it super dangerous! Really like this one, roasty, smoky, malty and no bitterness but not too sweet either – excellent balance.  Dangerous

Captain Lawrence Brewing Company CoCo Lopez: Hmmm brown ale with sunblock flavored overtones.  Others report that the coconut notes are light, but I disagree.  I don’t like coconut though…

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