Michigan Brews: Slows BBQ


For anyone in Detroit, you know that Slows is a mecca and a bright spot in an emerging area of downtown. For those of you who haven’t been, Slow’s is a BBQ joint (in the truest sense of the word) that is in the Downtown Detroit neighborhood of Corktown.  Despite the rough neighborhood, people from all over flock to Slow’s and happily wait hours for a chance to experience some serious BBQ paired with a serious tap selection.

As if the smoked meat, traditional sides, and a chance to spend time in “the D” weren’t enough, there was Sweet Repute on tap. I added this to the post-Thanksgiving “Must-Do” list and had a chance to sample some other unique Michigan Brews while I was there.

Brewery Vivant Tree Bucket: Maltier than the typical ipa, smooth and thick with caramel notes and a bit, dare I say, buttery??

Perrin Brewing Company  Kona Brown Ale: Bitter chocolate (but not offensively so), strong on the coffee and just a hint of sweetness.

Founders Brewing Co Sweet Repute: Very sweet at the front, warm.  Gives way to coconut, maple syrup and oak. Could never do a full pour but it’s an amazing taste!!


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