My 300th Beer: Prairie Bomb!

Prairie Artisan Ales Bomb!What better place to sip my 300th unique beer than one of my favorite Brooklyn beer establishments – TØrst. I knew I could count on them to have something truly unique and celebratory for me and they did not disappoint. After several delicious tastes of Grimm’s Double Negative (it’s got a bite!), Mikkeller’s 2014 Santa’s Little Helper (sweet, smooth and heavy), BrewFist Spaghetti Western (so thick and glutinous – no complaints here!), I could settle on only one thing.

Prairie Bomb!

Prairie Artisan Ales Bomb!: At first sip, it was malty, thick, lovely, delicious all at once. All of my favorite flavors are here: intense notes chocolate, coffee, vanilla with a wee bit of chili spice at the end. So many beers in this category are sipping and tasting beers, but the spice cuts through everything just enough to keep this beer entirely drinkable.


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