Sometimes You Have an Accidental Tasting on the Way Home from Work…

StGambI don’t see it as a problem that, if I take a particular route home from work, I walk past my local craft beer store and tasting bar.  Typically, I walk past and smile, poke my head in, buy a large format to have on hand if there’s something interesting…  But when you walk by and see that they’ve got Hopslam, things tend to escalate quickly… if you know what I mean.  This is the story of one girl’s impromptu Thursday evening tasting at St. Gambrinus Beer Shoppe

Finback Brewewry Natas: High hopes here but they were not realized.  Woody, spicy, almost no bourbon from the barrel aging.  Quite thin.

Beanery Brewing Costa Rican Coffee IPA: Despite a light coffee aroma, all I can focus on when tasting is the acidic saltiness to this, almost no coffee is coming through.  Would not order this again

Two Roads Brewing Company Workers Stomp: Funky for sure – it’s a saison/farmhouse after all, a bit tart and lemony, bright, smoothed out by the wine barrel aging.

Bell’s Brewery Hopslam Ale (2015): Not at all bitter, but lots of grapefruit, jucy and floral with a bit of honey


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