Cooking with Beer: Beer Floats

FloatAnyone who has ever come to a dinner party at my apartment (Yes, a dinner party in my 475 square foot Brooklyn studio, and for those of you who aren’t familiar – a studio is a single room with a living room, kitchen, office, and bedroom all in one convenient location!) has been treated to the delicacy that is a Beer Float.  The initial reactions are often the same – “adding ice cream to beer is an awful idea!” “Why are you trying to pass off beer as dessert?? Just serve beer” “Really, because this still isn’t going to make me like beer.  Please stop trying.”  Okay on that last one; but the others, how wrong you are my friends, this couldn’t be a better idea!

One of my favorite things to do is to create a bit of a beer melange of multiple beers – something thick, a milk stout and a coffee stout – to pour over the ice cream. A combination to try: Old Engine Oil + Mothers Milk + Founders Breakfast Stout.  And no, not just any ice cream, I typically do a home made salted caramel ice cream.  The key to this is that the ice cream is home made so you can control the salinity of it to balance out the profile of the beer (or beer mixture!) you have chosen.


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