Beer Dates: Proletariat

ProletariatI got a text from a long lost friend the other evening that went something like this:

Anywhere around here with good beer? Can you assist with ordering?

Well of course, may I also assist with the drinking? 

Wouldn’t have it any other way!

So we grabbed 2 stools at the very cozy lower east side (and perennial favorite) Proletariat.  This place consistently amazes me in their ability to talk details, tasting notes, compare this rare beer to another I’ve already had and then turn around to help the girl who likes rolling rock and is wondering what she should order since there’s nothing here she’s ever heard of.  They truly hold up the idea of drink what makes you happy – judgment free.

My friend is just starting to deep dive into the world of craft beer and has a similar taste to mine.  After a consultation with the resident expert behind the bar, we ended up with the following.  Not to mention a post-Proletariat trip to Vesalka because potato pancakes are the perfect follow up to this (or really, any) tasting!

Prarie Artisan Ales Okie: Honey soaked chocolate cake.  Nutty, boozie, malty and sweet

Brouwerij DeMolen Spanning & Sensatie: So very many layers!!! Roasty, then  spicy, then salty, the tart and finally smoke. Wow.

Sixpoint Brewery Barrel Aged Imperial Otis: Sweet, barrel aged for sure, complex. Lingering tartness in the aftertaste.


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