Michigan Brews: Tasting and Sightseeing in Detroit


I just returned from a long weekend with Mom and Dad in Detroit – good times!  They typically indulge me with my need to taste craft brew (they had 3 waiting for me when I got there!) and see the city a bit – this time was no exception.  Although my trip was too late for Founders CBS, too early for Bell’s 30th Anniversary Ale, there were still some Great Brews to be tasted in the Great Lakes State.   And with Michigan boasting 5th highest number of breweries in any given state, there ought to be!

Lured by architectural tours from PureDetroit, we headed downtown and were surprised on so many levels!  Not only by the beauty of architecture still present in the interiors of many Detroit buildings, but at the deliciously well balanced stout at Traffic Jam and Snug (a place my mom suggested and I begrudgingly agreed to go, thank goodness I listened!), and the decidedly relaxed atmosphere, rather narrow local beer selection and friendly service at Grand Trunk Pub (where I expected to find a well preserved historic space serving a wider range of styles in local beer – you can’t always get what you want).  I may never be done drinking my way through Michigan, but I’m going to keep trying!

Traffic Jam and Snug The Czar’s Breakfast: So smooth! Creamy, well balanced. Nice coffee bitterness that doesn’t linger. Really loving this! A great surprise and certainly one of the best, non gimmicky, stouts I’ve tasted so far this year

Dark Horse Brewing Co Fore Smoked Stout: A light smoke, some molasses and maybe soy sauce too!  All this with a clean finish that’s reminiscent of an oyster stout.

Odd Side Ales Mayan Mocha Stout: Very interesting, smooth, chocolaty and thick chili hiding at the end, way at the end… wait for it….!

Motor City Brewing Works Ghettoblaster: Light, smooth and roasty.  Nothing truly remarkable, every flavor in this beer is light, making it entirely drinkable.

Atwater Brewery Bourbon Barrel Aged Shaman’s Porter: Oddly fruity, not at all heavy or thick, slightly medicinal.  This one’s a miss Atwater.  Sorry.

Arbor Brewing Company Espresso Love Breakfast Stout: Effervescence behind the coffee flavor keeps this light and not too sweet


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