Fall is here, and so is fall beer! A New York State Fall Beer tasting

Fall BeerAfter what felt like an endless summer – in the best possible way – it’s become increasingly clear that it’s time to break out the sweaters, plan a leaf peeping road trip, and prepare ourselves for pumpkin flavored everything.  Beer included.

Those of you who are lucky enough to be in the distribution area for Southern Tier know that Imperial Pumpking is the end-all, be-all, New York Pumpkin Brew.  But there are few others out there that are worth a sip.. or pint… or three.  I picked up a few New York fall seasonal brews and hosted a personal mini-tasting (and by that, I mean I lounged on my couch, watched an awesome 90’s movie and worked my way through these).  Here’s to fall!

Southern Tier Brewing Company Harvest Ale: Yes, Southern Tier has another fall seasonal and this one is much less “in your face” with the fall flavors.  Hoppy at the front, so much so that I wasn’t sure I would like it. Hefty malt to smooth it out though. An interesting balance

Saranac Pumpkin Ale:  All those quintessential fall flavors hare here, pleasantly light in the spice profile which I appreciate.

Ithaca Beer Company Country Pumpkin: Unlike the Saranac, there are lots of spices here!  No real sweetness though.  Lovely caramel maltiness as well.


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