Truth: Friends Bring Friends Beer

Prairie VousI’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, my friends know me well!  They know that when they travel somewhere that has an “artisan” brewery, our friendship will be solidified forever if a beer available only at said brewery makes it into their bag on the trip home.  They also know that I return these kind of favors – what goes around comes around after all!

One such transaction took place earlier this week when a dear friend returned from a trip to Oklahoma with deliciousness from Prairie Artisan Ales.  About a year ago, this same friend provided trail maps and solid recommendations on restaurants for my Beer Road Trip to the Hudson River Valley.  There’s only one kind of thank you gift for those types of favors – beer.

Armed with 2 very limited large formats and some delicious home made soup, a tasting ensued:

Prairie Artisan Ales Prairie-vous Français: Slightly funky nose but it doesn’t carry over to the taste all that much – lots of citrus rounding things out. Surprisingly light, refreshing, good carbonation. Could drink this all day long!  Especially if it were a hot summer day!

Keegan Ales Mothers Milk – Widow Jane Bourbon Barrel Aged: At it’s heart a robust stout with perfectly balanced additions fo bourbon notes, smoke, sweetness.  A boozy but smooth


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