An Exceptional Brooklyn Brewery Tasting

BklynWhat better way to celebrate National Beer Day than with a tasting!

Last night’s tasting of selections from Brooklyn Brewery was exceptional on so many levels!  The event was hosted in a historic Upper East Side Space and coordinated by a dear friend as the inaugural event for his “Beer Society.”  I have attended several Brooklyn Brewery tastings in the past, been to the brewery its self on many occasions, and even heard their brew master speak at a number of events.  This, however, was the first time I got to meet and hear from the co-founder, chairman and president of Brooklyn Brewery, Steve Hindy.

Steve spoke candidly about how he happened upon brewing in the 1980’s in Brooklyn.  My friend said it best: “this guy was doing craft beer and Brooklyn before either one was cool.”  The tale too many twist and turns including war, home brewing in the middle east, the mob, what he has on tap in his kitchen at home, and their current plan to streamline the process of using tankers to export of beer internationally.  There were many questions from the audience, addressing the impact of both the “big guys” and the “little guys” on the current craft beer market,

All the while, we sipped a wide selection of beers from Brooklyn Brewery – both common and rare, old and new – and I tasted my 400th distinctly different beer!

Brooklyn Brewery Intensified Coffee Porter: Bitter and dry with a warm and robust barrel age over the top.  Some dark fruit along with roastiness. In truth, I had 2 pours of this one and couldn’t help but think about how much I want to make an ice cream float out of this!

Brooklyn Brewery Black Chocolate Stout: Bittersweet and fudgy.  Dark malts, dark fruit, rich and toasty.

Brooklyn Brewery Insulated Lager: Warming and malty with a hint of coffee and an even smaller hint of hops.


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