The (actual) Beer Lover’s Gift Guide

Struggling with what to buy for the beer lover in your life for the holidays ( Well, okay, besides the obvious gift of beer)?  Yep, you’re not the only one.

While there are plenty of lists out there suggesting things like home brew kits, kitschy bottle openers and collections of very specific glass wear, I like to think that this list is a bit more curated.  And  yes, there is a skew towards some of my favorite things – Travel, food, dark beer, Detroit, Brooklyn, and a hint of sparkle – Would you expect anything else?

For the Epicurean

Towel .

Beer and Food Pairing Towel: I really enjoy the idea of having a quick reference just hanging on the front of the stove for quick access!  Also plays in nicely to the love of tea towels that my mother has instilled in me, so there’s that…



BLiS Bourbon Maple Syrup
: Maple syrup on a beer gift list?  Yes, that’s right.  After BLiS syrup has been emptied out, the barrels then go on to age amazing beers from Founders like Canadian Breakfast Stout (CBS).



For the Host(ess)

Beer snob glass
Beer Snob Glasses
: While I just knocked the idea of specific glass wear, these are anything but.  While the shape of these isn’t really conducive to any one style of beer (except maybe Altbiers, given the straight sides), they’ve got glitter and and a slogan that speaks to me.  Sorry.  Not Sorry.




Neighborhood Coasters: For the neighborhood where you live, or the neighborhood you love, an upgrade from the standard “beer mat.”



For the Traveler

Cap Map

Cap Map:  If only I could go back and do my beer traveling over from the start so I can collect caps. Beer drinking meets wall decor in a way that does not involve neon and tells a story.



Bottle Hug
Large Format (um…wine) Bottle Carrier
: Yes, this was designed for wine, but guess what else is 750 ml?  A large format beer! What I love about this one is that it’s inflatable.  When deflated it takes up very little room leaving the decision of what to take out of the suitcase until you know just what beer you’ll be sacrificing it for.


For the Straight Up Beer Nerd

Complete Beer Lovers Course
: This book sits on my coffee table at all times.  Informative without being boring with quick little anecdotes about beer that stick with you and make it conversational.  Plus, suggestions for beers to drink while reading based on the style being covered!  What’s not to love?



For the Hipster

6 Pack Carrier


Reclaimed Wood 6 Pack Carrier: Of course, the requisite homage to Detroit.  Reclaimed wood from the city of Detroit gives a bit of an edge to what would otherwise be another standard 6 Pack carrier.


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