Birthday Bottle Share



Why oh why do so many delicious, high octane beers come in large format (750 ml, wine bottle sized) bottles??  Opening one of these on your own is NOT advised – whether it be because you’re going to waste unconsumed beer or that you’ll regret it the next morning.  It is advised that you share a large format with a friend or 3.  Enter: The Bottle Share!

I decided to bring three of my favorite things together in celebration of my birthday: Cooking for others, high octane beers, and my friends!  The idea of a bottle share dinner is simple – I cook dinner for everyone, your “fee for entrance” is to bring an interesting large format beer.  When this idea first sprouted in my head, it never occurred to me that anyone else would be as excited about the idea as I was, but my friends jumped in with two feet – bringing not only amazing beers, but stout cheesecake fudgesicles too!  Who knew that was a thing??

My friends a Prairie Artisan Ales also got on board, releasing Happy Birthday Bomb on my birthday.  As soon as I found this out I immediately made the trek to my local bottle shop where they had only 2 left.  The prices at this shop have become astronomical, but all bets were off – this was my 300th beer in special edition birthday form released on my birthday.  Armed with this little treasure, I invited Leslie over a bit early to share it with me as I knew she would truly appreciate it.

So many tasting notes from this one!!!  Will share just a few high points.  I’ve talked about Intensified Coffee Porter before and we actually didn’t even make it into the Project Pam or Laguinita’s Cappuccino stout that night!

Founders Brewing Company Big Lushious: SO MUCH raspberry!!!!  I really feel like I’m eating them straight off the bush in the sun with this one.  It’s a natural, delicious raspberry that isn’t too sweet.  A nice light body to this one as well!

Prairie Artisan Ales Happy Birthday Bomb!: The difference here is the addition of house made caramel sauce to the brew.  So much warmth and, well, caramel-y deliciousness comes through on this. It’s like bomb is giving me a hug.

Evil Twin Imperial Petit Four Break: It’s no secret, I love all of the evil twin breaks.  This one is so much more delicate!  Second run mash, so that makes sense.  Less alcohol, lighter flavor, interesting take and not at all what I expected.


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