How it Started

I’m a bit embarrassed to report that my love of beer, which begat a blog about breaking clichés, starts with just that. A cliché.

My journey began nearly 10 years ago when I told a man I was dating (who would later become a close friend and a partner in beer drinking crime) that I “didn’t like beer.” I was more than happy to sip my French martini, thank you. He responded with one very simple statement that has held true as a rebuttal to anyone who informs me that they don’t like beer.   “You simply haven’t tried the right one yet!”

After we unraveled the types of beers that I like – heavy on the malt, robust, relatively low IBUs, complex, and please no Belgians – the rest was history and the quest to taste as many beers in this category as possible began.

The nascent stages of Pearls and Pints started when I was second, third and quadruple guessed by a bartender who couldn’t possibly fathom that I would actually want a Hair of the Dog Adam. “That’s a big beer for a little girl…” “You know it’s not like a Guinness right?” “It’s not for the faint of heart, are you sure??” “You’re aware that it’s expensive and rare… Okay…if you say so…”

And herein lies the quest of this blog – to break the stereotype and document that anyone can love any kind of beer. Whether it’s a manly man who enjoys a good witbeer, girlie girl who craves a heavy imperial stout or anywhere inbetween, it’s all about drinking what makes you happy. This is the chronicle of my quest for happiness.


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